A perfect song? What are your choices?

Can there be such a thing as a perfect song? I have a suggestion, what are yours? Here is a thought...







Thanks for posting "Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl".

I was going to skip listening to it but I'm glad that I didn't.

That is simply a brilliantly uplifting song, and what a classic rendition!


there used to be a lot of real art - 21st century - humanity is flying into the abyss

Here are three tunes that I can't seem to hear often enough, thus making them close to perfect for me.

On the Pipe by the Steve Morse Band, off the album The Introduction

Turnaround by Neal Schon & Jan Hammer, off the album Here to Stay

Wasted Years by Iron Maiden, off the album Somewhere in Time


Once again, thanks for posting.

I particularly found 'Kalinka' the most moving. We are all just children deep down and we all need love to survive.


As for whether humanity is 'flying into the abyss' or whether we're simply going to become surplus to requirements in the coming age of AI, I don't know.

Nevertheless, let's not despair too much. Most people, I find, are just trying to keep their heads above water whilst they chase the next dollar, pound, rouble etc. This includes artists too.

It's those few that are pulling the strings who should be worried as more and more people begin to wake up.