A pleading request to manufacturers of amplifiers and preamplifiers.

 At this time I would like to make a pleading request to manufacturers of audio electronics.  Please in the name of all that is holy stop putting sharp heatsinks on the outside of your devices. In the decades that I have been involved in this hobby the collected skin that has been carved from my toes, ankles, fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, etc. is equal to the combined weight of a professional football team. The blood I have lost could have saved the lives of 100 hemophiliacs. I have come to fear my own devices as if they were the vampires or werewolves of legends. Can you not round the edges, put covers over them or locate them inside the case? Freddie Krueger has not inflicted as much carnage as the combined horror of all this equipment. The combination of 50 lbs. of transformer weight and 6 square feet of rabid heatsink is a guarantee of laceration when moving any of these monsters. So if anyone out there can hear me I am begging, pleading, will pay for, changes to this abominable practice of covering your products with ravening metal blades lusting after our flesh.Thank you.
"...Russ69Can I put gloves on my shins? Seriously if you pick those up the fins are going to face something soft, add that to the 50 pounds or more that you are wrangling..."

50 pounds, that's a light weight amp. Try 100 pounds while duck walking it 10 feet. I sold my big Mac 402 amp recently, I made the buyer move it, I've never felt better.  

A problem for half-wits and the unsighted, possibly.
As I said, just be a bit careful.