A question to conrad johnson owners

Recently I purchased a DV2B cd player from a fellow audiogoner and, though it sounds superb, the display on this unit is virtually unreadable because it is so dim. The only way I can read it is after dark with all the lights out, and then I have to be close as it cannot even be seen from five feet away.

The response I got from "Ed" in customer service at CJ was that this is the way it is. Here's the emsail response I got yeserday:

"I asked our resident digital expert (who also works on the DB2Bs), and he says that the display really is that way, and that there is no way to adjust it to make it brighter. I am very sorry to have to tell you this, and sincerely hope that it will not diminish your enjoyment of the player."

Do CJ's displays go unreadably dim over time? No it is not my eyes, my wife also remarked about shiwhen I fired up the unit. I have checked all the ribbon connectors feeding the display unit and all seem connected.

I had one and never noticed this problem. But my friends finally convinced me it wasn't much of a DAC. The matching traqnsport was, in this regard, all too good of a match :-)
I have a pic of my old unit and the display was excellent, I dont know how to post the pic here but could send you one in private.