A quick question on what streamers to consider.......

Hello fellow Audiogoners - a quick question as I have noted above on streamers. I am looking for a steamer only,  no DAC,  that would be easy to use. I don't want to worry about any updates and would prefer a US made product if at all possible. I have a WiFi service coming into my home so that would be how I would be getting my music. I would like it simple to use and without any hassles. I would be using it in the summer providing music to my back dec, or when cooking or entertaining inside. I would looking in the price range say of ; $2,000 to $5,000 used or new. Thank you in advance and look forward to suggestions on what to buy based on what I have outlined above. Thank you in advance and please stay safe and well.....        


Aurender is made in Korea. Not sure why you want to spend $2000; seems like overkill, but Sonore products are made in U.S., are highly regarded, and you can get a roon ready streamer for less than $2k

You don’t want to worry about updates? Everything that uses software has updates, you want to have updates or your device will become useless over time. Aurender is a great choice.

@garebear essentially no streamer is made of parts made in USA, and most streamer brands are also assembled outside USA. So make sure you’re clear with yourself on expectations there. It’s a pretty big ask.

The software / OS you deal with will be specific to your streamer company of choice - if you want hassle-free, then you better trial said model of choice before you commit, or you’ll have no way of knowing. There’s a large opinion factor in what constitutes “hassle-free” software experiences.

Perhaps the most noteworthy point was already stated by @falconquest - you aim to buy a $2-5K single-purpose computer that you probably want to have a phone app (if using on deck etc) that will work with a router of your choice. There is, accordingly, no place in the world for a don’t-worry-about-updates streamer. 😉

Whatever off-the-shelf solution you choose, you will be dependent on that hardware manufacturer for software upkeep and maintaining the user interface for a phone app (i.e. staying current with Android / iOS updates). Without it, a streamer rapidly becomes obsolete. That death cycle has already occurred for at least one manufacturer.

These are among the reasons i went DIY, FYI 😁

This is not meant to be in contrivance to the other posts here - based on your questions you just need to understand your expectations don’t match the streamer market as closely as you’re hoping. These things by design aren’t robust analogue amps that stay trouble-free until they need new caps decades later.