A quick question on what streamers to consider.......

Hello fellow Audiogoners - a quick question as I have noted above on streamers. I am looking for a steamer only,  no DAC,  that would be easy to use. I don't want to worry about any updates and would prefer a US made product if at all possible. I have a WiFi service coming into my home so that would be how I would be getting my music. I would like it simple to use and without any hassles. I would be using it in the summer providing music to my back dec, or when cooking or entertaining inside. I would looking in the price range say of ; $2,000 to $5,000 used or new. Thank you in advance and look forward to suggestions on what to buy based on what I have outlined above. Thank you in advance and please stay safe and well.....        


Beware BSN. It doesn’t love all dacs. 

I’m interested in the suggestions here as I am streaming from a MacBook Pro at the moment. I’m considering the new U2 Lumin. 

The sonore is interesting but I would avoid it given all the boxes required. 

Many have suggested Aurender though does it integrate well with Roon?

Auralic seems like a nice unit. 

For your purposes, what about Sonos?

BlueSound Node would be the right choice. 
1. great app

2. expandable

3. can be upgraded by adding linear power supply kit

4. WiFi ready

5. Bluetooth ready

6. cost is under $600. 
no brainer. 

@hsounds Agree completely. For backyard or background music while cooking/socializing, even a Node may be overkill. Surprised many are suggesting costly high-end devices for that application. 

Whatever the posters use will often be the recommendation. A better way to get a neutral point of view is to read as many reviews and feedbacks on the streamers that meet your requirements.  But as previously noted, every streamer will need updates from time to time.


I have no hesitation in recommending the Moon MiND 2 in your price bracket. 

Canadian built but hey, close enough!

Update are automatic.