A rare opportunity (or at least I think it's rare)

I got to experience a rare opportunity. The other night, neighborhood friends and family were sitting out back enjoying the fireplace when I had an idea. My son’s good friend was in town and had joined us. He’s a musician and has recorded an EP under the name Cottonwood Trio, which is available to stream on Qobuz (44.1k, 16b) Once I got the music playing I invited him in to have a listen. He stood there a moment, listened and then turned to me with one of those side-eye looks and said “damn, it sounds like we’re back in the studio, that’s amazing”!! It was a very cool moment for me as a music lover. That was so satisfying to hear said about my pride and joy - my sound system, especially coming from the guy that was in the studio making the music.

I love the ongoing pursuit of searching for the best sounding and most musical system my budget will allow and his comments were very rewarding. Moreover, it shows that well-made, decent equipment can be capable of producing life-like, in-the-studio quality music.

Just wait until I add that subwoofer - ever in pursuit.😉

NB: It was night time (music sounds better at night, right?) and we had had a couple of beers, but I’ll take it!


Great confirmation you are on the right path. I have a friend that is a professional acoustic guitar musician making albums and playing concerts for the last fourth years. He completely lost himself in my system when playing some of his recordings. Good validation when they can recognize their guitar.

Yes, it's a rare opportunity. Very cool.

Listening to the Cottonwood Trio now - 5 seconds into track one was interested in hearing more - sounds great so far. 

Good job. I can totally relate. My nephew was in town the other night and came by to visit. He was a bass player for the Arkansas Philharmonic.  Is is now on the board of directors.  Wr put on Dvorak by the Chicago Philharmonic.  He could pick out every instrument section and tell wha5 would be next and point to where it would come from. I was amazed. He was amazed. He told me this is the first time he could pick out all the instrument from a 110 piece orchestra from a 2 channel recording.  He said the ebb and flow of the bass was spot on and even heard a bow slap on the side of a cello , and he's heard the LP a hundred times or more. 

These kind of validations are what keeps you going. Lucky when you can get one. I might add this forum/community is pretty inspiring as well.