a remarkably basic question about Roon

I'm considering trying out Roon and, despite hours spent on their too-busy website, I'm still not entirely sure what it would do for me. (Trying to get through their "support" section is an exercise in misery all around.) 

Here's my clueless question. I currently stream music through a Bryston BDP. I use the Bryston software, "Manic Moose," on my laptop or phone to create playlists, move between digital sources (flash drive, Qobuz, radio), and as a remote control for volume, song choice, etc. The Bryston software isn't at all elegant but it's functional.

So, if I get Roon, would I be doing the same thing from the Roon app on my laptop or phone? Would I be completely bypassing "Manic Moose"? and doing everything on the Roon app, including such things as volume and song selection? I understand that Roon is an effective organizer of music from multiple sources; is it also a "media player?? (I have a traditional two-channel set-up and don't do multiple rooms.) The Manic Moose software is clunky enough that I'd consider swapping it out for Roon, if that's in fact what I would be doing. 



That's exceptionally helpful, @jbuhl. I'm hoping to avoid the SGC bullet-bite, but I can certainly see why it's valuable. I have already added a mesh booster/node to hardwire the BDP, and it absolutely helps with dropouts. 

I'm going to sign up for Roon this evening and will enjoy playing with it over the holidays. I'll report if I can detect any difference in sq, and more likely I'll be back with questions! 

And @fuzztone: the part of me that has a job and a family and a million projects around the house; the part of me that has limited internet speed and isn’t interested in technology or flashy interfaces but just wants to listen to the music; the part of me that knows that these monthly subscriptions add up (e.g., the two music streaming services I use, the four or five video services, etc); and especially the part of me that doesn’t want to spend hours (which I don’t have) on something that I simply don’t need....

But I get your point and I AM going to give it a try. I suppose the worst that can happen is that I like it!

Switched to Innuos Sense a few months ago when Innuos released its new App for those of using their servers.  No doubt the music sounds better than when processed through Roon.   I am not familiar with the Bryson app in the post that started this thread, but I don’t think you can assume you will get better sound through Roon.   It may go the other way.

I was going to do the trial then I saw the normal monthly cost.  Ouch that adds up!  Do I really need that when Free Logitech Media server + add ons already does most of the things I read Roon does.  I would definitely dump Plex but lose ability to stream my music in the car.  Hmmm….

I pooh-poohed Roon for a long time.  I didn't see the point in paying for a subscription for something that didn't really provide anything in terms of musical content (which I was already getting with Qobuz, Tidal, and other services) and required me to have compatible hardware.  I didn't see the point.  The apps I had (Lumin and BubbleUPnP) worked reasonably well.

Recently I purchased an Aqua La Voce S3 DAC and wanted to use it in my main system.  To do so, I needed either a streaming device, or a really long USB cable to connect it to my computer, or maybe a NUC... anyhow, my favorite audio store listed a Roon Nucleus at a really good price.  It would act as a streamer to my DAC, even though it's not "Roon Ready".  Roon would be able to control my two TEAC NT-505 streamer/DACS, which are Roon Ready.  I figured I could flip the Nucleus if it didn't work out and end the free Roon trial.

After trying Roon, I am happy to keep the Roon subscription.  It puts Tidal, Qobuz, and my digital collection of music on my network at my fingertips.  It has a really easy to use interface.  It does a great job building "radio" stations of music I like based on my listening habits.  It makes really good recommendations for other artists similar to those I like.  For me, it's the discovery aspect that's most appealing, but the entire platform is really well thought out and implemented.  I'd recommend giving the trial a tryout.