A ridiculously cheap cable riser.

It’s made by Grip-Rite, who named it the "Individual Plastic High Chair". It’s intended use is to support the rebar rods employed in the laying of concrete, and can be found at Home Depot in bags of 20 for $5.08. That’s just slightly more than a quarter apiece!

To use simply slide your power, speaker, and/or interconnect cable through the two raised "arms" that form the open semi-circle you see in the pic (what you can’t see very well is the flat circular base of the Chair). Or, if you wanna get really nutty, loosely stretch a rubber band between the two arms, thereby creating a bridge across the open semi-circle, upon which will rest the cable, 2.5" above the floor.

Cute, ay? ;-)






But do these "Grip-Rite" risers bend the space-time continuum to allow for the passage of electrons through the quantum tunneled wormhole created by the juxtaposition of the cable and the riser?  I think not.  You, sir, are a charlatan!

I have wood floors and built on a slab, I like the risers makes it easy to Swiffer my listening space. I have the cheap ass plastic risers from offshore.