A ridiculously cheap cable riser.

It’s made by Grip-Rite, who named it the "Individual Plastic High Chair". It’s intended use is to support the rebar rods employed in the laying of concrete, and can be found at Home Depot in bags of 20 for $5.08. That’s just slightly more than a quarter apiece!

To use simply slide your power, speaker, and/or interconnect cable through the two raised "arms" that form the open semi-circle you see in the pic (what you can’t see very well is the flat circular base of the Chair). Or, if you wanna get really nutty, loosely stretch a rubber band between the two arms, thereby creating a bridge across the open semi-circle, upon which will rest the cable, 2.5" above the floor.

Cute, ay? ;-)






My wife was really impressed when I made mine out of toilet paper rolls! I was sent to the woodshop abruptly and told not to return unless I had replacements. Took me a week to build emm.

This thread is a hoot! I would never spend a lot of money on cable risers. But, a few years back, I was offered a bag of 10 trapezoid cut foam pieces for a few bucks. For that price, and the price of these rebar seats, I figured there’s no harm in trying them.

I reached out to Danny Ritchie of GR Research regarding DIY cable risers. I was told that as long as the material does not conduct static electricity, I should be OK. My cable risers are 2 x 2's 2 inches long. Not pretty, but functional.

@gillsysb: If you somehow get a static charge on the High Chair's (my first memory is of sitting in a high chair, watching my Mom iron in the kitchen. The ironing board was one of those that folds down out of the wall, hidden behind a small "door" when not in use. Lots of houses were built with those in the old days), just hit it with an anti-static gun (like the Zerostat, or better yet the Furutech DeStat III).

I started out with my SCs about 2" off the floor using some Ikea glass candle holders that go for about $0.49/each. Same for the power cords.

What I found was when I raised the SCs higher, the sound got better and anything above about half a foot didn’t make a difference anymore (I must have reached the offending limits of the synthetic carpet I’m stuck with).

Not having anything that could suspend the SCs that high, it occurred to me that my system is pretty close to the front wall so I ended up using some Command Wall Hooks that use double sided tape to suspend my SCs with.

If your SCs are thin enough to fit within the hook and you’re not obsessed with the looks, they work really well. That, and vacuuming is a breeze with nothing to lift out of the way.

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