A Sad Day...

A very sad day, as I sold my analog gear. The VPI TNT V w/ Graham 2.2 and Benz Ruby 2. All morning I played some of my favorite lp’s from Louie Armstrong and Duke Ellington, to Jennifer Warnes “The Well” to Beethoven’s Eroica by the London Philharmonic with Bernard Haitink to Santana’s Abraxas to The Beatles’s Love Songs LP. Just to sum it up, not one of my Beatle cds even comes close to the realistic sound of the Love Songs lp. The buyer sat down with his own lps and smiled, as he said: This was the best sounding analog system he heard. He parted a happy fellow, as I began putting away my lp’s into storage to await another day when I can once again appreciate the beauty of vinyl.
Temporary..only temporary im sure. I sold my Aries not long ago.. and within a month had a new Aries 2 in the system.

So..what is the plan? Are you replacing it down the road? Perhaps that nice TNT with HRX bearing/platter or HRX itself?

Best of everything!..Ken
You may have felt you didn't have much of a choice here... and it IS sad, and I do sympathize... but I admire you for your ability to choose what needed to be done. Nothing is worth clinging to. You have kept your freedom, and that's the most precious thing you have. AND you made someone else happy. Congratulations, and best of luck.
The past year and a half I 've been attending Brooks Institute of Photography for my MS in Photography. No time for work, so finances are tight and I needed to make a few sacrifices. But I'll never get rid of my lp's. So eventually, I get another turntable. It may not be as nice as the TNT 5, and then again it may be better.

Godspeed on your journey Rosstaman! The rig will come back to you if you want it to and perhaps even better! Congrats on the fine educatin'! Brooks is a good school, and no doubt worth the sacrifice. Sorry to hear that it means no vinyl for a while, but at least you made someone else very happy.



I am sorry about the loss of your analog gear. It must have been a difficult decision. I live in SB. If you ever want to listen to a favorite LP or just sit and listen to analog feel free to contact me. I have a SOTA Nova TT with a Kuzma Stogi arm. A Benz M2 is mounted to it. I am actually in the process of auditioning several phono stages at this time. Perhaps you'd like to help me with the process. I can certainly use a an extra set of ears. Feel free to email me if you like.