This might come as a shock, not in a bad way but I have discovered that 320KBPS MP3 is actually bit perfect. Shocking isnt it? That does not mean the quality is the same as CD. It is not. You have been warned the master has spoken.

The second shocking discovery i have made recently is that i can actually hear the difference between 320kbps and wav. I never thought i could do it but i heard it. 

Can anybody do what i have done?  I dare any of you audiophiles



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Digital can reproduce the sounds of analog, analog can only reproduce sounds of analog, things improve over time but most people refuse that the new can be better than the old.

Bits is bits. CD is perfect audio. Wav is the same as lossless. FLAC is the same as the original.

Such naivety.

Now we have the hindsight to know how complex the data stream is and how so many untold things effect the conversion. It is amazing that we are still getting trolled by this stuff. 

Looks like Agon has jumped the troll shark. Time go away for awhile of find a new sight for intelligent conversation!