a solid state amp that is recessed in the treble

i am a reviewer.

i have reviewed all components in a stereo system except a solid state amp.

i have heard some. they remind me of the novel, "dr jekyll and mr hyde".

what i mean to say, is that they do a good job, in the lower frequencies. however, somewhere in the midrange on up, probably above 1000 herz, they sound, hard, shrill, aggressive and unpleasant.

so, for me to consider a solid state amp for review, or even to purchase, as i have noticed, my tube amps warming up my listening room, i seek a solid state amp that sounds like it is attenuated in the treble, or seems to lack some detail in the treble.

i realize that for many audiophiles, i am looking for what may be considered very dark or veiled, but i would probably consider such an amp listenable.

any thoughts.

obviously i could call many manufacturers for advice, however, if there wer an amp that a number of listeners considered a bit lacking in treble extension, i would call the manufacturer and attempt to review it, assuming the amp was not already reviewed too many times.

your input is appreciated.

solid state amps have been a challenge for me , as i have not encountered any that i would want to own.

yes, i realize that a solid state amp will sound different than a classic sounding tube amp.

but, i may get lucky and find a solid state amp i can live with.

my speakers are the quad 57 and magnepan 1.6 .
I wonder if the newer transformer coupled solid state Mcintosh amps still have the mellow highs, like the old ones did? I bought a MC2300 in the mid 1990s, and sold it shortly after due to the mellow highs. Back then, I wanted the opposite.
I have both the esl57 and mg1.6! 909 works fine with both of them. But, it is difficult to find the pre that matches, since Quad 99 is not up to task,while input impedance (20k) of the 909 is not quite comfortable for tube pre. After 10 years of trying different preamps i ended with passive one:
I can't believe the number and diversity of the answers so far. The OP asked for smooth currently produced SS amps. Conrad Johnson amps are very smooth and so are Accuphase. I recommend one of those two. The Accuphase is more interesting to me.