A song of hope that I wrote.

I wrote this last weekend. Just felt a very strong urge to get this song out. The video is many old and current pic of my family. My father served as a marine in Korea, front line combat, second winter 51/52. Several pics of him in this. That’s me at the end playing the slide guitar.


“This song is a reminder of what we aspire to as Americans. It’s about my family. I’m proud to be an American. I am proud for what this country stands for and there’s no other country like it on this great earth. Stay well. God Bless.”
Given that we have survived Audiophilia for this long proves we can survive this current situation! Good to see you Charles. Everyone keep in the Spirit!
I served during  the aftermath of the Vietnam era (Mid 1970s). I know that if I had been a few years older it would have been a different story. Hello Brett (isochronism) I am glad to know you are doing good.