A Sonos Move or a pair of Sonos 1's

I am looking to replace the JBL Charge 3 I am using in my small home office with Sonos.  I am considering a pair of Sonos 1's or a Sonos Move (same cost).   Has anybody been able to compare these two setups?  What the strengths and weaknesses of each?
Currently my preferred source is Tidal. I am not married to Tidal. Qobuz will become an option in a month or two when I upgrade the streamer in my main system.
My understanding is that the refurbished Play:1s are the most recent model and will be compatible with the new S2 system. If you want better sound than that in a stationary setup, I would get two Play:5s.
Hi.  Thanks Saints.  I think if I expand my budget to 800. I will be inclined to go with a Yamaha or Denon or similar network receiver and put the rest into wired speakers as 123 suggests.
I am still several days out from pulling the trigger on anything, but my current thinking is a Yamaha R-N303BL ($199 'Renewed' on Amazon) and a pair of Polk Audio S20 speakers ($203 on Amazon - new)  I don't know if the R-N303BL is MQA.  I suspect not. 
Research kills the best made plans, and sometimes the budget. My current picks are:
1) KEF LSX ($1,000)
2) Marantz NR1200 ($600) + Polk S20s ($340 - the $203 deal has dried up)

I am leaning toward the LSX