A Special WAVAC MD 811

Hello All,

I thought to relate an interesting story...some time ago I had hoped to acquire a Wavac MD 811 or 300b amplifier. For a short time there was one for sale on the other side of the country...with an unusual provenance....it was Terry Cains amplifier.....the one he used to "voice" his Cain & Cain speakers. It has taken some time but it finally arrived and with the very tubes Terry used in it.....it has had a small amount of work done-new power caps- and today I hooked her up.....WOW!!!
 Thought this small bit of history might interest fellow followers....listening to Art Pepper as I write this...bliss!
Hi rwanda,
Congratulations on acquiring the WAVAC amplifier. You're experiencing "Wow" and "bliss" this confirms that you made an excellent choice. Art Pepper, nice! I'm currently listening to pianist Junior Mance. What speakers are your WAVACs driving? 
You have very fine taste in music  and it must be such a thrill played via your system. Here's a recommendation,  Gerry Mulligan "Night Lights" . It features Jim Hall and Art Farmer, ,I believe that you'll like it.
Hi Guys,I spoke to Terry many times.A true gentleman.he never touted his speakers, in fact he discouraged a purchase because they would be to large for room I had at the time. His love of the Mesh 45 tube still brings about thoughts of him whenever I hear one.
Hi Charles1dad,Yes Night Lights Is a fine work.In fact I have two copies.
I"m still partial to Jeru and almost everything he's recorded with Chet Baker 
HI Charles....i will definitely take you up on it....my TT is away for an upgrade/rep[air..hoping ot have it back next week ...then I can spin more Mulligan.....I have all the Art Pepper in both Vinyl and CD form.....keeps me cheerful:-)
You are likely already aware of them but I'll mention two other stellar alto saxophonists, Sonny Stitt and Frank Morgan. Charlie Parker is an obvious recommendation.