A step to the side- Smart TV question

So I have an audio room. In that room I mounted A 55 inch smart TV for general Youtube viewing, rarely a movie and it is connected to my two channel music system. No gaming at all. I use the TV, usually as a side entertainment. Windows everywhere but with blinds. I’d like to replace this TV since it’s getting old in the tooth. Going up to 65 inch and wondering if any audiophiles have a Smart TV and what you like. In my living room I have an LG OLED that I like much more than the Samsung.I am leaning that direction but would like to know from the audio crowd. What do you have or what would you get?


Lots of votes for Sony (no baloney). I think I'll get either a Sony OLED or LG OLED. 

Thanks to all for your input.

We have both an LG TV and a Sony TV.  The LG has little green splotches that show up from time to time.  It's about 5-6 years old.  The Sony is about one year old and fine.  Neither is connected to Cable TV.  We mainly use Hulu for live TV.  The user interface for the Sony is far superior to that of the LG.  Much easier to move around and find what I want.  I would buy another Sony before I would buy another LG.

I bought the 65 inch LG CX OLED a few years ago and love it!!!  I cast YouTube from my phone to it all the timeI love that LG updates its software as required  The picture quality is outstanding!! I just started iRacing and I put my sim racing rig right in front of the LG and connect to the LG as a computer monitor  The resolution is outstanding!! I get to see all my crashes In stunning detail Highly recommended 



I'm currently using a Sony OLED and love it. I have had LG in the past and I think their build quality is far below that of Sony. In fact, about a year ago when I replaced my TV I originally bought another LG. Had it for a couple of days and took it back. Replaced it with the Sony and have been happy with it since. And yes @fuzztone , I get Apple TV without Apple's device and enjoy their programming very much.