A switch for 3 amps

I’m hoping for a solution:  I’m running the usual Frankenstein setup for multiple source playback, CD, streaming, and vinyl.  This hybrid system: tube preamp, SS amp, and WiFi streamer all lead to  1.7i modded Maggies (GR Research).  In the chain is a Schitt Lokius (primarily for digital only). The room is an open plan family room.  The issue is I want to add 2 mono tube amps to the system for moderate volume playback (jazz, acoustical, etc.), but I want to use the SS amp too with a switch to go back and forth from the monos to the SS for different music (prog rock and electronic).   Is this even possible?  I’ve looked and see switch’s but nothing that exactly address my setup.  The room is  20 x 30, 9’ ceiling damped by rug, and heavy fabric furniture.  And, to add to all that, the mono’s are  Quicksilver M60s which are only 60w per, but I got a great price on them and have heard others who’ve used them with 1.7 or 1.6s with good results at moderate volume.  So I want to give it try.  Thanks for your suggestions.


I know nothing about the switching options offered, but one needs to be careful with most tube amps -- you shouldn't remove the speaker load when they are turned on but not in use. An option would be to have them switched to a suitably sized (ohms & wattage) when not connected to the speaker.

Go with the Luxman AS-55. It uses heavy duty switching contacts which never get "dated". Most switches are rated for DC voltages, which is why a flimsy looking switch can be rated for (DC) 10 amps -- but pass a 10-amp AC voltage and it arcs the contacts. You don't find many 2-pole AC selector switches that can handle 20 amps, like the switch Luxman uses.

Do you mean that I should not turn the tube amp on with the speaker off? Or vice-versa? I think I do get the idea that tuning the tube amp on and off willy-nilly is never a good idea. Also, can I use a 12v trigger to the tube amps connected to the preamp so the tubes and preamp come on together, or no, don’t do that either? I know the foregoing may sound pretty ignorant, and that what I’m trying to do seems, even to me, to be kinda insane, but, maybe good, if I can pull it off without blowing-up everything?

I see I made a typo in my prior post that didn't say things as clearly as intended. Don't power on a tube amp with no speaker connected, though it is acceptable if you use a suitably size resistor in place of the speaker.

You can try  Welcome to Mapletree Audio Design

you will want the SCC1 system configuration controller, I had one made for me custom, by Al Freundorfer  al@mapletreeaudio.com

I use it to control 2 tube amps, a CD player, and turntable hooked up to 2 different sets of speakers. I can switch from either amp to one of the sets of speakers, I can have both amps on and switch back and forth to the speakers to hear which amp sounds the best with what music I am currently listening to from either the TT or the CD player. it ran about $450.00 USD 2 years ago, just email Al and tell him how you want it configured and he wil quote you a price then build it for you.