A system for my college-bound daughter

UGHH!!! Usually, the thought of creating a new system would be fun, but it's my daughter, and this time it's not. 

Sources wanted: Turntable, CDs, Airplay Streaming

Cost: Would be nice to keep under $1K, certainly under $1,500 (true… that's less than the cost of a cartridge in my main turntable). Way less is fine and encouraged, but I don't want to buy her crap and have her go down the wrong road.

Why I'm finding this hard: WAF but at an even higher level (Teen Acceptance Factor!). She likes the way Crosley looks, but even she admits the sound is crap. Hmm, Peachtree might work. I used to have Peachtree Nova. It was overrated, but it would be a fine start for her. The only thing is that the one with integrated wireless would consume most of the cost, leaving little for speakers and a turntable (I'm sure I could get a cheap solution for playing CDs).  
MartinLogan Crescendo-x will be top of the list look wise and perhaps sound wise too...still have enough money left to add a CD and turntable.
Audioholics just did a favorable review of the + Record Player all in one system.
Powered speakers would be my choice as well. Peachtree m25 is similar to the audioengine which are good as well but the m25’s have bluetooth, digital inputs and phono stage. Get some stands from monoprice and a turntable and your all set. 
I have to say the Audioengine is a good choice for a college dorm room. Add the sub and if she’s listening to hip-hop or anything that should do. I remember my college days everyone had killer systems and the volume coming from the rooms were crazy, even back then it was a competition 
That's my home computer listening set-up : Grado RS-1 and Burson Audio Conductor Virtuoso dac/headphone amp.

Frank, do you have vintage or classic Grado, or recent ?