A system for my college-bound daughter

UGHH!!! Usually, the thought of creating a new system would be fun, but it's my daughter, and this time it's not. 

Sources wanted: Turntable, CDs, Airplay Streaming

Cost: Would be nice to keep under $1K, certainly under $1,500 (true… that's less than the cost of a cartridge in my main turntable). Way less is fine and encouraged, but I don't want to buy her crap and have her go down the wrong road.

Why I'm finding this hard: WAF but at an even higher level (Teen Acceptance Factor!). She likes the way Crosley looks, but even she admits the sound is crap. Hmm, Peachtree might work. I used to have Peachtree Nova. It was overrated, but it would be a fine start for her. The only thing is that the one with integrated wireless would consume most of the cost, leaving little for speakers and a turntable (I'm sure I could get a cheap solution for playing CDs).  
I would start with the Vanatoo active speakers that @mapman recommended, and add whatever else you need from there. Would probably only need a TT (with built-in phono pre-amp) and you would be done.
Her first consideration, IMHO, is real estate.
My son is a freshman and, even if it was a priority, he would not have space for anything more than a laptop and some Audioengine A5+ speakers. Even then, the A2+ would be a better choice.
Considerations include: roomate(s), clothing, food, food prep devices, computers, furniture, books, sports equipment, LPs, CDs, etc.
However, if she is fortunate to have the space, why not: NAD D3020 (with phono pre), any number of Elac/PSB/Pioneer speakers, Music Hall/ProJect/U-turn turntable, and a CD transport (sorry, I got nothing here)

Queue, “Four Yorkshiremen”...

My freshman year, for three of us iirc, all non-essential electronics consisted of: 2 lamps, a kettle for water, NAD 7140, Nakamichi BX-125 cassette deck, Ariston Q-deck turntable, Yamaha NS-75(?) speakers, Macintosh 512k with internal floppy, and a Macintosh 1024k (Fat Mac) with TWO floppy drives.
Is the college nearby so you can check out the living arrangement, her personal space before making a purchase?

Are roommates involved?

Also ordered a red Pro-ject Essential III and Elac Unifi UBS speakers. Will be interesting to hear it when we set it up. As good as my Ayre stack, Vandersteen 5As, and Viella V12? Maybe!