A tale of WAF

A buddy of mine just installed a rather refrigerator sized Bagend Speakers the other day. It was quite hilarious hearing him trying trying to explain these are great becasue we can play are music through them on music night and just plug everything in the mixer and it will be awesome!

Her instant response in the beginning in these words. We can play music through a smaller speaker!!

He works in the home theater install trade part time and completely cracked up learning that there was a term in audio that kills system quicker than surges, blown woofers, and exploding amps the almighty WAF.
Slothman: What is up with Carlo's shoes??? Is that his wife's doing? Does Husband Acceptance Factor mean anything?
It is all about compromises and trade-offs. I get 2 feet of closet rod in the master closet and she tolerates my audio system. I must admit, since I now have a dedicated room in the basement she is much easier to please. She rarely goes down there, but even then you must negotiate and compromise. I agree that the speaker wires create the most ire with my wife as well- she does not seem to mind Kimber 8TC.
On a side note I got lucky in that my dad is a former elctronics technician (He took the job just to understand specs)

My plan is to build my system with my dad so that when I one day tie the knot I can say "Those arent going anywhere way too much sentiment there"

Heres to hoping it works
Recently I got a Custom Power Cord Top Gun cable. She looked at it and said: "Now that's a cable!". She heard improvement in sound too. Don't marry a woman who doesn't appreciate fine things, that's all. This WAF subject is a complete bullshit.
Ncarv, "sorry honey,...there's the door... oh, behind that big speaker. Oh, don't let the speaker hit you in the @$$ on your way out. (me bad) JBL 4550's in the living room.