A treat for those who like classical piano

'Tamar Beraia play's Rameau'. Just outstanding. Look on YouTube. :-)


Have you heard the Vikingur Olaffson album that pairs Ramsay and Debussy?  Thanks for the link

I’ve heard only the YouTube version of the Rameau & Debussy which has been highly regarded by so many folks. This was my first exposure to Rameau’s music so I can only compare it to Beraia’s YouTube performance. Not being  knowledgeable of Rameau’s music I can only say that I was much more drawn into Beraia’s ’performance’, which to me was, perhaps, a more ’romantic’ one. Her connection to the music was, by appearances anyway, more obvious than that of Olaffson and I enjoyed just watching it and as an introduction to Rameau’s music.

It would be interesting to hear both pieces as they were recorded on CD’s to see if either’s performance survived as presented on YouTube. I’ll have to order the CD’s and I will.

OP, since you're new to Rameau, I'll offer a recommendation.  Try Rameau's Une Symphonie Imaginaire, recorded by conductor Marc Minkowski with Les Musiciens du Louvre.  This is an absolutely delightful traversal of immensely entertaining music.  Spirited, fun, very well-recorded.

Olaffson is a terrific pianist.  I love his Philip Glass, and some of his other recordings.  But in my view he lacks the playful spirit that Rameau's music calls for.  I like Angela Hewitt in Rameau on piano.

I enjoy both Beraia's and Olafsson's Rameau. Each can be appreciated in their own way

On YouTube, there's an interesting compilation of 10 different pianists performing the Rameau piece, Rappel des Oiseaux:

The best known performer of Rameau is probably Grigory Sokolov, for his amazing virtuosity.