A true believer

I like to look at the pictures and descriptions of the various systems belonging to our fellow Audiogon members. Personally I admire the most humble system. But some times I see one that just leaves me shaking my head in amusement.

I was looking at the featured systems today and found one that consisted of three components that reproduced music. A cd player ($7700), a integrated amp. ($4000), a pair of speakers ($10,500). Total $22000. A very nice system. But, and I mean BUT, another $71,431 in cables, tweaks, stands. Things that sometimes in the tiniest increments help in the reproduction of music.

Just saying.
Oh, please recommend me an integrated because I don't have a budget for wires between separates! LOL!
I myself do think Marakanetz is also close to my thoughts and applied practice in regard to my situation.
However, in realistic terms we make choices based on our finances. That being said if mine or other's financial situation was to change dramaticaly for the better with an abundance of expendable monies at hand I would bet there would be justification to find and purchase better simply because one could.
Doesn't always mean it is better or worse for either situation.The thought of an Audiophile with money to burn and not upgrading, aint gonna happen!
Maybe it's just me but, I am pretty sure, no almost sure, no absolutely without question sure, that were I to take $93,631 dollars and put it into a very good cd player, a very very good integrated amp or pre amp and amps, and a pair of very, very, very good speakers. Hooked it all up with zip cord. Properly "tweaked" the speaker placement and added any room needed room treatments....

Well, you can see where this is going. I believe wires make a difference but, it is so far down the line in regards to importance. And the gains are so minimal. I mean, come on.