A true believer

I like to look at the pictures and descriptions of the various systems belonging to our fellow Audiogon members. Personally I admire the most humble system. But some times I see one that just leaves me shaking my head in amusement.

I was looking at the featured systems today and found one that consisted of three components that reproduced music. A cd player ($7700), a integrated amp. ($4000), a pair of speakers ($10,500). Total $22000. A very nice system. But, and I mean BUT, another $71,431 in cables, tweaks, stands. Things that sometimes in the tiniest increments help in the reproduction of music.

Just saying.
Agaffer, BUT have you heard these latest BOSE 901's? These new 901's have had a lot improvements done to them....more than 650 from what bose told me. They don't even use the same speaker drivers anymore. How can anyone say.. you could have done better when you have not even listened to these new improved 901's yet? When you get the time.. go listen to some and please let us know what you think about these BOSE 901's.......
I find it amusing, that you've chosen this thread through which to pander those....., oh well! Perhaps you feel you can find a more deaf group here, than on the TAS site?( http://www.avguide.com/forums/the-new-and-improved-bose-901-series-6-mk2s )
Thanks, HiFisoundguy but, I'm not looking for speakers at the moment. I'll be sure and not pass up a chance to audition them should I see them somewhere.

"How can anyone say.. you could have done better when you have not even listened to these new improved 901's yet? "

Doesn't matter what speaker, amp, preamp, TT, etc. you buy or like someone will let you know that you could have done better. Don't fight it, you will never convince other audiophiles that you made the right decision. When I bought my last speakers my budget was anything under $30,000 and because I travel a lot I auditioned every thing I could. If I touted what I choose believe me there would be easily a dozen posts telling me why I should have bought whatever they owned instead.

The important thing is that you buy cables that make them really stand out. Sell your car if you have to.
Agaffer, I already have great cables now... Crimson R.M. Music Link cables, one of the very few cable brands on the world market that don't have a sound of their own !
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