A true legend has passed away! ' Set it and forget it '

Many, many years ago, I saw Ron on late night TV, pitching Hair in a Can (?).  It was a product you just sprayed on your bald spot and presto!  No one will be able to tell it's not your own hair!.  I still laugh when I think of him demonstrating.  The man had chutzpah.  No other way to describe him.  
if memory serves me right, the hair in a can was eventually called "GLH" [Good-Looking Hair]. i could use some o'that stuff right now! 
There’s a great book by Malcolm Gladwell called What The Dog Saw that has a chapter on him- I always think of roast chicken when his name comes up. Also a chapter called The Ketchup conundrum about why there are dozens of different mustards and one ketchup and all sorts of other things in life; worth a read