A tubed integrated amp for Joseph Audio Pulsars?

I'm running a modified Jolida 502B integrated of long use with my Pulsars. Thinking it's near time to try something new. I want to continue in the tube integrated realm and it's very hard to get a take-home amp to test. I'm interested in synergy and an amp with the ability to handle more demanding passages. I love a grand, full, tactile mid-range, but don't want to skirt elsewhere. A little tempo is important. Flabby bass unforgivable if it comes out of tight, little speakers like these. Extension? Soundstaging?  Bring it!
I have a hard time understanding what kind of power I need for these Pulsars, knowing not all wattage is created equally. So I worry about attractive amps like Leben or Luxman or anything not over 50w, even though that worry might be unfounded. I want to make magic. So, what's a perfect fit? Who has been down this road with these speakers and has tales to tell and guidance to share? Under $10K, please.Oh, and it's got to be built to last for-evah.

thanks rooze 


yes the synthesis A100t is awesome and the built in dac is very good


it is a shame more people dont know this remarkable amp.

Dave and Troy

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synthesis audio dealers

Auris Fortissimo 100 watts/ channel check the reviews at Parttimeaudiophile and stereo life magazine