A turntable?

I haven't owned or used a turntable in a long time. Having purchased some new gear I would also like to invest in a turntable as well. I have planty of albums from my youth that are taunting me from my basement. What do I need to know? What should I look for? I know there are different drive types, arm shapes and other options that can tempt one to spend a LOT of money. I am considering a Rega table as they appear to be affordably priced for me but do not know anything about stage amps or MM/MC etc. My reciever is nothing fancy, Pioneer Elite VSX-94txh, whatever I end up with needs to work with that. Thanks for being willing to share your knowledge.
I would suggest a "package",completely set-up w/either a MM/MI or hi-output MC.Can we make the assumption that the Pioneer has a phono input?
Rega and Music Hall MMFs will be fine.Check Acoustic Sounds,Music direct and your local dealer-plenty of advice to be had.
If you're in the states go to the site of The Sound Organization, the Rega distributor here, and find your closest dealer.
Take a look at the PRO-JECT DEBUT III, available at
musicdirect.com. Available in different colors.
I like mine, sounds decent for the price.