A tweak that will tame the digital-ness

You can improve the sound of the red book Cd.

1) Rip it into your computer with the EAC program (exact audio copy) - can be had for free by google searching for it.

2) Burn it onto a Taiyo Yuden or Mitsui gold CDr.
3) Use Feurio program to burn - google for it also.
4) Burn it on the slowest speed allowed by your CDr
5) If you upgrade your CDr player to a plextor one, you can further improve the quality.

The sound is more dynamic, and the digital shril-ness is tamed. For the first time, I am satisfied with the digital sound.

Before spending thousands on an upgrade, might want to give it a try.

Just a follow-up to my previous post... The Maxell CD-R Pro discs are just outstanding! They make even regular Taiyo Yuden and Mitsui CD's sound flat (haven't tried MoFi CD-R's yet, but they are also Mitsui discs). I guess it has something to do with the anti-scratch coating put on the Maxell discs that focuses the laser better, but whatever it is the sound quality coming off the Maxell Pro discs is simply the most analog-like sound I've ever heard from a CD. Very liquid-smooth and 3-dimensional and instruments seem to jump out at you. Makes me want to redo my whole CD-R collection.
Thank you piano632 for that - I will definitely check it out.

Even better than a mitsui? I am excited !
Sorry to revive such an old thread!

I just purchased a pre-owned factory reconditioned Harmon Kardan CDR-2 cd recorder. It can burn at 1X. Do you think using Taiyo Yuden or Mitsui gold CDR's as described above burned at 1X on this unit will garner similar results in terms of an improvment over Redbook? Anyone?