A/V Receiver Recommendations Under 800.00

A Friend is looking for an A/V Receiver for a new HT setup. Recomendations please. There Budget for the receiver is about $700 - $800. This unit will probably be paired with Dynaudio Audience 42's front, rear and center with a Velodyne Sub. DVD unknown.
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find a used arcam avr200 which is a very good sounding unit and unobtrusive with a nice clean front panel
All the above mentined (if you haved to use a receiver, which is a \sonic compromise, yes) receivers, like the Arcam 200, Nak AV10, Yamaha DSPA1/RXV1, Outlaw, etc are good sonic recommendations. Run speakers DEFINITELY as "small" however, and let the sub do the work.
Receivers are dynamically very challenged, and don't deliver current like separates power amps...not to mention most passive speakers are already limited dynamically.
Anyway running your receiver as small will help greatly!
After that, have him look for adding an amp at least in the future for better sound if possible. Then get a good pre/pro latter as well.
I got an Onkyo TXNR 900...full features...good remote, tons of features and built like a tank....mail me if interested Chad
Thank you all for your recomendations. My friend decided on a Denon due to the WAF.

Decided on a Denon "due to Wife Acceptance Factor?" Do Wives know something I don't? maybe they know Denon is good stuff...hummmm. I'm Giving Women far too little credit when it comes to "Audio/Video/Electronics knowledge" I presume!...MY-BAD LADIES!!