A valentine poem to tubes

Roses are red, but the music is warm,
Glowing tubes delivering sweet sonic charm.
Strings sing so sweet,
Bass vibrates your feet,
Each note's a caress in this audio balm.

Transistors may boast an efficiency claim,
But tubes whisper secrets, ignite passion's flame.
Harmonics alight,
Textures take flight,
A soundstage expansive, defying all name.

So crank up the volume, let melodies flow,
With each blooming ripple, emotions aglow.
Roses may fade,
But the music that's made,
Is a love song, eternal, which kind tubes did sow.


Roses are red. Violets are blue…… 


if you don’t like TUBES…

well buddy

F.. You. 

Tubes glow red and when you are blue

turn ‘em on and the magic ensues.

Can’t tell the difference?

Can’t suzz out the inference?

To me, its not worth the diffidence to transistors fellow audio princesses and princes.

If it sounds good no matter the amount of expence, then your recompense makes sense. 

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