A very successful DIY outrigger project.

So I got a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers and I love them. I loved my previous Usher BE-718's too but my wife didn't like the look so I have to sell them. Anyway, as good as the Adagios sound they could fall over if you frown at them. They have a narrow footprint to start with and taper at the rear to make it even worse (We have padded wall-to-wall carpet) and the left one is by the front door where purse slinging women arrive and are oblivious to the hazard. I had Soundocity outriggers when I had PSB Synchrony Ones because they had the same problem and they were really nice and effective but I don't want to raise these speakers up the way the Soundocities do. So I went to the local home center and bought 1/8" X 1-1/2" aluminum bar stock, cut a couple of 12" long pieces, drilled two holes to match the spike inserts for the rear of the speakers only and attached them with M6 screws with rubber washers to secure them. I used a grinder to round off the corners a bit and then my biggest genius move was to buy some flat gray textured spray paint to match the carpet. They work perfect and you can't even tell they're there at all! I can still use the front spikes to tilt back or level the speakers, and I could also use them through the aluminum plates on the rear if I needed to as well.

Total outlay: under thirty bucks! And totally, completely invisible and effective.

As Hannibal on my old favorite show "The A Team" used to say: "I love it when a plan comes together"
I might be clever enough to build the outriggers but I'm not clever enough to know where to post a picture. Besides, they really do blend in to the carpet. From the listening position they are invisible.
Thx, Bizango1 (great moniker, BTW). If you do manage to post a picture, maybe you could shoot one w the outrigger sitting on a plain piece of paper or contrasting wood floor or the like. Or send me a p.m. & I'll give you my email. My Merlins have the same problem.