A vote for the little guy suppliers

Over the years, either by desire or luck, I've managed to gravitate to small volume gear suppliers, most of whom have extensive engineering degrees and operate without advertising or retail entanglements.

I think I have found (with much help from forums like this) the pieces I will be retiring with and I couldn't be happier or more content with my system.  Other than one final turntable change which I promised myself at retirement, I'm done.  

My speakers, phono stage, cartridge SUT, preamp, amp, and cables are all from individual designers, all made in the USA.  I have either met in person or have had multiple phone and email encounters with all of them.  I really like this approach and I'm convinced that great equipment at reasonable pricing can be had this way.  I've had to endure longer wait periods after ordering due to each of them not having factories behind them to mass-produce the gear.  None of them inventory product and most of the gear is really a custom order.  

Only my current TT/cartridge and SACD/CD player are from well known large firms.   

Anyone else like having relationships with their suppliers?  In case anyone is curious:

     Speakers      - JansZen Valentina/zA2.1 hybrid ESL

     Phono stage - custom build by Don Sachs

     SUT              - Bob Devices SKY 20

     Preamp         - Linear Tube Audio MZ2-S

     Amp              - Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40

     Cables          - Cerious Technologies Graphine Extreme speaker, power, and interconnects

My sources are both Marantz units.  The new TT will likely be Technics 1200G.  Current primary cart is a Lyra Delos

Small operations, agreed. When feasible.

Trans-Fi for air bearing tonearms (which I have), and turntables (which I have not)

K & K for transformers (good advice, superb product)

Tyler acoustics                                                                                              Digital Amp Company                                                                                  Gabriel Gold
Most of my kit is from small outfits. Chapman T77SE speakers-longest tenured in my system, Mojo Audio Deja Vu streaming and Illuminati power supply, Exogal dac, Hypex Ncore 400 mono's all tied together with Grover Huffman wires. GIK panels and traps. Satisfying interactions with Stuart of Chapman, Ben of Mojo, Grover-who comped me a handful of different wire to try with the Ncores, and Nick at GIK. In the distant past, spent many days in Frank Van Alstine's basement listening to his latest. Owned some stuff years ago. Good guy, great value gear. 
Steve @ Decware.  Had a hum in his new preamp and he replaced tubes and paid for return shipping no questions asked.  What a gentleman.
Dan @ Modwright. Exceptional job on my BD105.  A real class act.