A warm DAC?

Help me pair a DAC with my Prima Luna integrated, Focal 1038 be and PS Audio Perfect Wave transport...Speakers are quite detailed. Looking to level out the high end. Prefer analog warmth. No interest in streaming, expect to use for CD play only...budget $2500.

To me the good R2R Multibit dacs usually have a bigger fuller sound with more weight behind them, I suppose you could call that warmer without being soft.

Cheer George
If you’re looking for coloration aka distortion then go with an R2R dac or tube dac if you want accuracy then the RME or Benchmark something along those lines.
Hi larseand

you didn’t mention budget so I’ll guess between $1000.00 - $2000.00? 

I would look at the Border Patrol dac which is supposed to be a very nice sounding dac that is designed for regular red book cd’s. This company makes amps that sell for $10,000.00 so they know high end. I forgot the model number but they only make one dac and there are a couple of versions. Their top of the line one sells for under 2k and is supposed to be a giant killer. 

There is also a company in England called SW1X Audio that makes DACs that are also designed to maximize the sound quality of red book cd’s. They make some very nice DACs that start at, I think, $1500.00. These are all hand built in the UK. I bought one of his Dac III’s and the sound quality is great. His DACs can go up as high as $30,000.00 US. Good luck with whatever you choose.


If you want a " warm" DAC whatever that means then the Border Patrol might fit the bill. It distorts so bad you might as well call it broken.