A Word About SkyFi audio Customer Service

I very recently purchased a pair of ProAc Response D2R speakers on Audiogon from SkyFi audio. It was my first purchase from SkyFi and one of the speakers arrived damaged. The speakers were correctly packed in their heavily padded factory carton. But the damage apparently occurred when the heavy copper phase plug on one speaker rattled loose during shipment allowing it to bounce around inside the box leaving a nasty dent. The phase plug has a threaded end that screws onto a post at the center of the midbass driver.

Because the speakers were previously owned I was concerned that reporting damage would be a problem. Many years of experience with buying and selling used equipment has resulted in stressful and contentious exchanges with the other party when a purchase or sale doesn't go as planned.

Working with Elliot and Fernando of SkyFi was entirely the opposite. It could not have been a more amazing and pleasant experience. My report of damage was never questioned by SkyFi, and I was immediately offered a refund. In addition, had the product not been damaged in shipping, it would have arrived exactly as it was described in the listing.

These two gentleman are exceptional, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

You can verify my purchase by viewing SkyFi's member feedback and my audiogon feedback history if you might be suspicious of my post, but I just wanted to make fellow members aware of a very classy and ethical audiogon merchant. I noticed some complaints in prior posts that SkyFi overprices their products. As a shopper maybe class and ethics should be considered in the price that's paid.

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2nd note:
I do find it interesting that this business does have a knack for repairing older gear, prior, to selling. In particular, CD and SACD players. Very cool to have a supply chain.

Happy Listening!
SkyFi give you more peace of mind if you buy to them, obviously the gear goes to rigorous check. And they replaced parts if needed. Their price is a bit higher, but you are getting an equipment that is in good shape.