A Worthwhile Untrasonic Cleaner

I just purchased these two items from Amazon (PRIME)...

An Album Rotation device - holds 5 albums...

An Utransonic Cleaning Tub

The rotation device is extremely well built and fits the tub perfectly. The tub also looks well made, but is a bit noisy, but that is normal from what I have read..

I have just finished cleaning some 30+ albums and found the complete unit is extremely good at getting rid of those crackles and pops - even finger prints and other grunge - with minimal effort

The tub defaults to a wash time of 5 minute (I used 10 minutes) and I reduced default temperature to 20 Celsius, but the ultrasonic process warms the water up, so by the time I had finished some 35+ albums it was 30 Celsius.

Even had a friend come over with 3 of his dirtiest albums - grunge + finger prints - just plain grubby. Ten minutes of cleaning and voila - shiney like new (apart from the scratches) playing the album was almost noise free - probably needed a second wash.

So the total cost for both units was around $450 from Amazon.ca ($370 from Amazon.com)) for the two pieces - which from what I have been seeing is perhaps the lowest price for an Ultrasonic cleaner out there.

Eager to try the unit that arrived yesterday, I only used distilled water - without any additive

What additive does the absolute best job ?
What difference does it make?
Or should I just stick with distilled water?

Thanks for any feedback.

One of the best analogue related value for money products I have ever purchased

At this rate I’ll clean my entire vinyl library pretty quickly AND do some of the wife’s jewellery :-)

If you are looking for something that actually cleans you vinyl well - consider these products.

Regards - Steve


If you are curious, Kodak Photoflow  is a concentrated wetting agent that is water mixed with a combination of 25-30% propylene glycol (i.e. anti-freeze) that can act as an antibacterial and antifungal agent and 5-10% non-ionic surfactant. The non-ionic surfactant by the chemical abstract system (CAS) number is most likely Triton X-100 or from the Triton X family.  There is no surface tension data for this product, however, the propylene glycol component makes for a very stable shelf-life, and the chemical is very safe. Kodak recommends use at 1-part cleaner to 200 parts water, but this is for handwipe.
Been using Photoflow in my tank since I got it set up at Christmas.
No records were harmed in the making of this mix.......
I make a try with photoflo on my us machine but I found the treble hard . I have to clean it twice on my regular moth machine to get again natural treble so I have ordered iltofol and am going to try in the next days.
Thanks Antinn.
Very informative.

I found you have to be careful with the Photoflow. Too much in the mix and anything left in the grooves dries so that as the needle passes it shaves off what looks like soap!

Anyways, if you stick to two/three drops per liter, you are okay.
I have been using approx quarter cap into the whole tank capacity, 10 liters or so.
Not had any nasty residue to deal with.
Not sure as I have noticed it inducing hard treble....