A49 Arcam

How does A 49 Integrated compare with Accuphase E460 to drive 803D? Brother has gifted me 803D.

I used to own an Arcam A-28 and an Accuphase rig (A-45 amp and C-2410 pre) at the same time. I have used the Arcam (together with a set of Dynaudio Audience monitors and a Rel Quake subwoofer) in the living room for TV watching, while the Accuphase system was used in my music room.

The A-28 is certainly a nice (life-style orientated) integrated amp, but it is nowhere near the level of any Accuphase integrated, e.g. E-308/408, E-350/450/550, E-460/E-560, etc.. Accuphase is really a hi-end manufacture and this is reflected not only in sound but also in price, i.e. the E-460 will probably be significantly more expensive that the A-49 (at least a factor of 2 if we consider retail prices). I am sure the A-49 will be significantly better than the A-28, but I doubt it will be as good as the Accuphase. The Accuphase will probably not be twice as good, but for sure will make you twice as proud an owner.

Finally, I do not have experience with Arcam and B&W, but Accuphase and B&W speakers from the 800 series is a very very good combination.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Arcam was my introduction into better audio; my Alpha 9 integrated and power amps are now in the closet; my CD sources remain the Alpha 9 CD player and the Alpha MCD multi-disc player. I have the most regard for Arcam; can't wait to see reviews of the new top-of-the-line.
I am happy to read that you are please with Arcam gear Jeff. However, that does not answer the OP's question and neither does it put Arcam in the same league with the big hi-end companies.
I'm not in any way implying that Arcam would be in the same league as Accuphase; I was only trying to tell the OP that we should be getting more information about the A49 (and C49, P49) soon.

I keep checking the Arcam website, and there's no information yet.

I will leave it to others to chime in on the Accuphase/Arcam comparison, since I have no experience with Accuphase, other than being familiar with its high-end reputation.

Jeff, I merely wanted to steer the discussion in the right direction, i.e. not to talk
about A49 but about A49 vs. E-460. I see now, though, that while the OP has
asked in his initial post about A49 vs. E-490, the title of the thread is A49.