AA Prestige is replacing transport??????

I own an Audio Aero Prestige CDP and know that the stock Phillips SACD transport has been mechanical and given some problems. I would not blame this on AA as they chose this tranpsort initially for the sonics. Great news is on the horizon if you have not heard yet...aero is going to be replacing the transports with a new instant read, quiet and smooth replacement they have designed to keep the player at the top of the elites. Globe Audio has reported the new transports improve the sound with an even quieter black background and more extension on both ends and the noise is completely gone moving the player to another level. I will be getting mine replaced in the near future but am excited that AA is determined to keep current owners happy. Best of all no cost to all current owners.
My player is in route back to me from Canada right now and I should have it maybe 1-5-07 to report back on. It will take a few days to let settle for some good evaluation. I have spoke to two other people in California that are very pleased with the results of the new transport. My understanding is the term Sony transport is really not correct. The new transports are custom designed by AA for the Prestige CDP and made by the same company that makes transports for Sony but they are not slap on Sony transports.
Yes, there's a new transport out. Mine should arrive soon as my second Philips transport failed.

Will be interesting to compare with my computer transport feeding 24/96 to Prestige SE. Philips transport came of second best by quite a margin.