AAC or AppleLossless

I am beginning to import all my CD's to my Apple laptop and want to know which is the best format to use for highest possible sound quality. I have heard recommendations for both AppleLossless and AAC. Anyone know from experience if one is better than the other? Thank you,

I've streamed DTS multi-channel files via iTunes to my Airport Express unit, and than from there into my reciever via the toslink output and the reciever has been able to decode and reproduce the sorround sound fine.

Perhaps and Airport Express unit?
Google is such a great thing... I just searched for
"kmixer bypass" and "kmixer bypass itunes" and got a lot of results...

I have not used Itunes, so I cannot comment further on the possibilities. I use foobar2k for the Database which supports these options. I could test as most others do when I get a few extra hours.

Chris - Thanks for the tip! Are you using a PC or a MAC? If it's a PC, then problem solved. If not, it's still worth trying out. I'm sure I can borrow an Airport for a day.

Mark - thanks for your kind offer to test sometime. Since the card is only $25, I'll get one to try. I'm currently using an M-Audio 410 and have another home for it. If I can't get an Airport to work, I'm defaulting to a setup like yours, and will re-rip my collection as .wav or with an openly available lossless codec.

Thanks again,