AAD 7001 vs Magico Mini MK II

Hi. Currently rebuilding my complete set-up. My Indras will have to go as my listening room moves to a smaller space now (4x5,5 meters).
I´ve heard great things about AAD 7001´s and Magico Mini´s - both beeing said to build the finst monitors available.
Any experiences with these two brands ?
rgds., Frank

I use Boulder 1021 + 1060 electronics.
Well understood, room/speaker synergy--that is also one reason I ended up with the MiniII--'very well executed and controlled everything' for my room size. Considered the newer M6 (with carbon drivers) initially, but experience told me that sometimes less is more. When you have uncontrolled bass bouncing all over the place it just skewed everything else good doesn't it, plus a bad headache too?! Maybe later after I have my room professionally treated, I will certainly re-visit the possibilities. Loved those M6s!
The minis are a fantastic choice for a smaller room I would say, if you can afford them
Frankpiet, In the late 90's, early 00's(?), Avalon made a solid wood, 2-way, bi-ampable monitor. Good looking & good sounding. It was simpy called "The Avalon Monitor" I have used them for years & am amazed at their soundstaging, & enjoyment they provide.
Since you connect with the Avalon sound, maybe you can locate a pair to listen to? If you're intrested, there's some info in audiocircle. BTW- I have no financial interest in Avalon nor the potential seller.


Good luck & enjoy your search.
I will be most interested to hear your report on the Diablo Utopia. Again, the hi-fi sound that you heard in earlier generations (which I also heard) was not there at all. What I heard was amazing soundstage depth and upper octave transparency without any glare or stridency.
I agree with Bvdiman about working with the Avalons in your new space. I believe it could be done, depending upon the layout of other essential items in the room.

Avalons are very sensitive to very small alterations in spacing and toe-in. A couple well-positioned bass traps and absorption panels should take care of any boominess.