Abacus Passive LDR

Anyone tried this?

I use a Lightspeed in a second system and as a back-up to my Doshi.  While not perfect, it's one of the all time great bargains in hi-end.  This LDR adds input switching and a remote.   I know George argues that including multiple inputs will degrade the sound, but just wondering if anyone has ever heard this new product. 
I have owned the same Abacus LDR for over a year now, and really enjoy mine when not using my integrated amp. I have also owned Lightspeeds, Bent Tap-X and Warpspeed LDRs. The Abacus sounded very close to the Tap-X, and better than the Warpspeed. I had a few problems with balance with two different Lightspeeds I owned, and the volume on them was not very suitable for low level listening with higher gain amps like my Job 225. No remote control on the Lightspeed made it very difficult for late night sessions when the family was sleeping. It did sound very good though. The Tortuga based Abacus has balance, remote volume, 3 input switching and selectable impedance settings.
I own one of these and have auditioned the Lightspeed. I think it is slightly better, but they are more alike than different. In my opinion it is an excellent sounding piece.

After reading what I wrote, I wanted to clarify. The Abacus sounds slightly better than the lightspeed.