About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone

Many of us have come to know Patrick Malone (Lugnut) as a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and kind individual. He is a frequent and enthusiastic contributor to our analog discussion forum. He has initiated only 17 threads, but responded to 559 threads. I would guess that many, if not most, of us can recall a time when Pat replied with helpful advice to a question we posted or helped us track down a rare recording. I have come to love Pat as a friend, and to respect him as a man, and I suspect many of you share those feelings.

Today I write to share difficult news with you. Pat has been diagnosed with an aggressive stomach cancer. It has yet to be determined whether surgery will even be worth it. If surgery is performed, most or all of the stomach will be removed, and Pat would face a difficult and long post-op period in the hospital. The medical course is still uncertain, but will be determined soon. Whatever is decided, it will not be easy or pleasant.

Something may be planned in the future to assist the family. For now, Pat could use some of the friendship he so often and willingly showed us. You can email Pat at: lugnut50@msn.com. You can also mail cards, letters ... or whatever. You may email me for Pat's mailing address. My email is: pfrumkin1@comcast.net.

I hope to spend a few days with Pat in Idaho or Nebraska (from which he hails) soon. Between this news, my legal work, getting ready for family arriving for the holidays, Audio Intelligent, and trying to make plans to visit Pat, my head is spinning. If you email me and I don't respond, please understand that I am not ignoring you, but rather simply do not have time to reply.

Pat may or may not have time to respond to posts here, to emails, or to cards mailed to him. But he has asked me to convey to each and every one of you that he has cherished your friendship, your comradery, and sharing our common hobby on this great website.

As we prepare for our holiday season celebrations, and look forward to -- as we should -- enjoying this time of year, I ask that you keep Pat and his family in mind ... and softly offer up, in quiet moments in the still of night and early morning, prayers for Pat and his family. God bless.

Warmest regards to all,
Paul Frumkin
Pat, it's alot of fun getting to break-in and tune-up a whole new system, isn't it?

Hey, that Steve is a great guy to get another Syrah for you, like he did. Paul and Doug did a great service with their spearheading the system donation efforts. All the donators are wonderful for their generous actions too.

In fact, I think everybody that has done anything, posted on these threads, or did any praying or well wishing, is a heck of a guy, and I'm proud to be associated with people who'll come together for a buddy in tough times.
Tom, you said a mouthful with that last paragraph. I'm so proud of this community. Hopefully this isn't really about me but rather about our shared humanity. Even the folks that are simply readers of this thread are special.

Sorry to all for not giving you updates for awhile. I sometimes wonder how much information you all want or need. I did have my drain tube removed also. Now that I don't have any mechanical devices protruding from me I feel more normal in spite of what I have now termed my "Frankenstomach". This extensive modification should be reserved for hotrods or older tube gear, not to the human body.

My insurance company has denied coverage for the pills since they consider their use to be in the investigational phase. It's being appealed by my doctor, bless his heart. But, I do know this, no matter the outcome he will still want to "fix" the unfixable and I constantly struggle with how to handle him. He's a caring and kind soul and that is what I want on my side through this. But, what I consider to be unnecessary, heroric measures that would most likely be to my detriment, he considers standard protocol. He's indicated in my diagnosis that I'm depressed and I'm pretty sure he'd like to give me meds for that too. Give me a break. Of course, I'm unhappy and maybe I am depressed for being in the box I find myself in but this is normal. I'd be depressed if my cat was suffering. My job is to deal with this because failing to do so would bring more anguish than I can imagine a human enduring. Besides, and I think this group would agree with me, I think I'm doing a pretty good job of getting a handle on it. You guys, as well as my traditional friends and family, have validated my existence for the last 54 years and I thank you.

As many of you may have noticed I'm back to posting in my traditional fashion. My "wordly" emotions are coming through loud and clear which is an indication that I'm feeling much better. Hey, it's not like I'm normal as I define it but I did go out and play pool again last night, kicked ass, eyeballed the tight jeans and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I slept better last night than I have in several weeks. We have a big day planned for this Sunday with a few of my friends from our audio group. Listening to a SOTA viny rig at one house, moving onto audition new MBL speakers at another and finally dinner at a third members home. This is living large guys.

And, next week is the Miami gig. If I can improve on how I now feel this will be more fun than being a blind folded judge at a titty contest.
Pat, I'm really interested in hearing all about that Miami gig.
I can't go, but I wish I could.
I hope you can be the one to post the full report.

Every day you feel good is a "plus"!!!
Not too shabby for an "old timer" with a "Frankenstomach"!
As many of you may have noticed I'm back to posting in my traditional fashion. My "wordly" emotions are coming through loud and clear which is an indication that I'm feeling much better.
I did notice that Pat, and was very happy to see it.

Thanks for the update. Your kindly doctor is wrong about the depression I think. Nobody as loud and opinionated as you or me could be depressed.

Say, why not invite that insurance company exec out for an evening of pool? You could probably sandbag him for enough to cover the pills! He'd never admit he was taken to the cleaners by Frankenstomach! <:^)

Oh, leave the blindfold home when you come to Miami. I'll feel safer. See ya' soon!