About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone

Many of us have come to know Patrick Malone (Lugnut) as a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and kind individual. He is a frequent and enthusiastic contributor to our analog discussion forum. He has initiated only 17 threads, but responded to 559 threads. I would guess that many, if not most, of us can recall a time when Pat replied with helpful advice to a question we posted or helped us track down a rare recording. I have come to love Pat as a friend, and to respect him as a man, and I suspect many of you share those feelings.

Today I write to share difficult news with you. Pat has been diagnosed with an aggressive stomach cancer. It has yet to be determined whether surgery will even be worth it. If surgery is performed, most or all of the stomach will be removed, and Pat would face a difficult and long post-op period in the hospital. The medical course is still uncertain, but will be determined soon. Whatever is decided, it will not be easy or pleasant.

Something may be planned in the future to assist the family. For now, Pat could use some of the friendship he so often and willingly showed us. You can email Pat at: lugnut50@msn.com. You can also mail cards, letters ... or whatever. You may email me for Pat's mailing address. My email is: pfrumkin1@comcast.net.

I hope to spend a few days with Pat in Idaho or Nebraska (from which he hails) soon. Between this news, my legal work, getting ready for family arriving for the holidays, Audio Intelligent, and trying to make plans to visit Pat, my head is spinning. If you email me and I don't respond, please understand that I am not ignoring you, but rather simply do not have time to reply.

Pat may or may not have time to respond to posts here, to emails, or to cards mailed to him. But he has asked me to convey to each and every one of you that he has cherished your friendship, your comradery, and sharing our common hobby on this great website.

As we prepare for our holiday season celebrations, and look forward to -- as we should -- enjoying this time of year, I ask that you keep Pat and his family in mind ... and softly offer up, in quiet moments in the still of night and early morning, prayers for Pat and his family. God bless.

Warmest regards to all,
Paul Frumkin
Hi Pat. Amazing thread here. All these wonderful people understand what's important in life, and that it could easily be any of us in your predicament.

As a physician (radiologist), unfortunately i see really ugly things all the time. I have to call the doctor (whose often known the patient for 30+ years) to tell them their patient has "whatever." It takes the wind out of most of them - you'll never hear this side of it, but your doctor dreads calls from me, dreads having bad news to share with you, dreads that someone in their care has been afflicted with something bad. We're trained to stay objective and be able to distance ourselves from the matter at hand (which is actually good, otherwise we'd have difficulty coping) but it always hurts. For this reasons, I make it a point to call other doctors when the news is really good. For example I read a CT on a paient who had widely metastatic ovarian cancer, whose last 3 scans looked worse and worse, but on my scan, the tumors had all shrunk to barey measurable size. I called the oncologist to give her some really good news.

We in the medical profession are just people - we get sick, we fail, we regret - and we listen to music, we hope, we try to smile. Sometimes no matter what we do, mistakes are made, people/patients misunderstand us, call us arrogant, heartless, greedy and so on.

It' an honor and an awesome responsibility caring for people - and I hope you're happy with the people taking care of you: that they're competent, compassionate and considerate, that they temper reality with hope, that they offer extra supprt to you and your family.

Anyway, no matter how much i may think we (docs) suffer with our patients, it's nothing compared to what you - the patient - and their families suffer. Hang in there, keep the faith, and enjoy the music!


That's an interesting point you brought up. My oncologist is one caring individual. When I told him how good I was feeling and I knew the Taxol was kicking some serious ass the guys face lit up and it made me happy. I've known he has had a heavy heart about everything leading up to this. One failure after another making me feel worse when I knew he would anything to make me better. During our last visit we discussed what is happening as a result of this thread. He was touched. Then I listened about his trip this week to Moab, Utah to ride bikes in some of the most breathtaking scenery known to man. We joked about some aspects of his trip in that it is the heart of the polygamist Mormon splinter group yet they temper their strict behavior because of the tourist income. (No judgment, just observation on how we humans behave) We talked about wishing that we knew each other under different circumstances as we like each other a lot. Perhaps I stepped over the line here. I dunno. The thing is I wanted him to know that no matter what, even in failure, he is respected by me for his efforts, and I know he is very good at what he does. It is what it is. He appeared to really appreciate what I said. He and I have a plan unlike any I've heard of so I might bop til I drop rather than choosing unconsciousness over pain. If it works my wife or daughter will post this for the benefit of all. If she doesn't then it's no issue. It's his desire that he see me until I cannot come in any longer and anticipates I will come in very late in the process. We both want to make this the best it can be. Sounds weird when I read what I just said but it is the truth and I'm not going to lie about anything even if it I seem a fool. I have faith that dying is not only easy but most likely rapturous. This I've come to believe after being with a very close friend and my father and holding their hands when they took their last breath. I dread the path of getting there but won't be given more than I can handle. The doc knows this is how I feel and it seems to please him. Bottom line, there will be an especially pleasant little corner of Heaven awaiting him.

Nate, if you come down to Albert's I'll gift a record of your choice. Just send me a list.

Hey, I've talked to Albert and he's a lot like me. This will be a lot of fun. I know I'm walking into an environment where I'll be glad to be myself.

Albert, Cognac, good food, friends and extreme, ground breaking audio playback. About the only thing missing is the dancing girls. Maybe by then Steve will have a copy of that Marsel Marceau album he's been looking for. Thanks for the invite and looking forward to toasting you with that sensuous old Cognac.
Hi Pat,

Just wanted to let you know I got a copy of the book today. I'm going to read it this week, then listen to the album again. Should be interesting!

I'll be thinking of you and Barb. Keep the faith.

Hi all,
I have been watching this thread for a while and I am really embarrased that I haven't posted until now. I can only hope that I would handle myself any where close to how Pat is. And for the rest of you, I can only feel proud to be in the club. Your support is amazing and I get tears in my eyes everyday that I read more.
Pat I would love to send you a "care package", but I don't have any classical. Lots of blues, rock and big band. If any of those interest you, I would be more than happy to send a nice mix.

Thanks a lot for the kind offer. I'm somewhat embarrassed by the overwhelming number of gifts I've received from this community. Just recently I received a box from UPS. Upon opening it there was a new Grado Reference cartridge. The enclosed receipt indicated the quantity and model. It was signed by John Grado with a note saying "enjoy the music". Many of the posters here have sent me books, albums, even medicine and other touching gifts as well. The biggest gift of all is this thread. My local friends have been quite generous too. They have helped me with spring yard cleanup, mowing and some light home repair. Some of my audio club members have brought over some really cool records refusing to take them home. At the beginning of this thread when the weight of the world seemed to be on my shoulders this community lifted me up by reaching out in so many different ways. It is amazing. What can I say? Thanks seems so shallow but that's the best I can do. Can I pay you guys back? Not unless I become the recipient of a divine miracle. I think we have all learned a great deal from this thread. Being self-sufficient for a lifetime and taking pride in meeting my own needs became a barrier to being a gracious recipient. I've learned. A few of you have become really close friends and have even taken the time to meet me in person one way or another.

Feeling as well as I do Barb and I are going to Portland, Oregon for a few days in May. We'll be staying downtown and hopefully will be having some memorable times. Later, after Paul completes his stay here Vetterone and I will be going to Dallas to meet Alber Porter and listen to his cutting edge system. Life's good and a lot of you guys are responsible for making it so.

Joe, it's funny about A Love Supreme. I'm so glad you are reading the book. I've played that record many times since it showed up in my mailbox. It gets better with each play and seems to have opened the door for understanding some of his Meditations recordings. I hope you enjoy the read as well and that it opens musical doors for you too.

Whatch out what you offer Jeff. My two favorite genre's are jazz and blues. I have a huge selection of each and I never feel I have enough. That's kind of greedy on my part but I can excuse myself. It is for the love of the music. Right?

Tomorrow I start my next three week barrage of poisons pumped into my body. It's not that bad this time around and there are few side effects. I'll be coming home afterward to listen non-stop for about 18 hours. If one can't sleep then play some tunes!! Best to all and thanks for keeping this thread alive.

P.S. Let's all give Paul Frumkin a big hand for being awarded the "Best New Component" award last Saturday night by Stereo Times. Liquid as a component is a remarkable achievement in my book. Way to go Paul. We early beta testers knew it would go this far.