About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone

Many of us have come to know Patrick Malone (Lugnut) as a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and kind individual. He is a frequent and enthusiastic contributor to our analog discussion forum. He has initiated only 17 threads, but responded to 559 threads. I would guess that many, if not most, of us can recall a time when Pat replied with helpful advice to a question we posted or helped us track down a rare recording. I have come to love Pat as a friend, and to respect him as a man, and I suspect many of you share those feelings.

Today I write to share difficult news with you. Pat has been diagnosed with an aggressive stomach cancer. It has yet to be determined whether surgery will even be worth it. If surgery is performed, most or all of the stomach will be removed, and Pat would face a difficult and long post-op period in the hospital. The medical course is still uncertain, but will be determined soon. Whatever is decided, it will not be easy or pleasant.

Something may be planned in the future to assist the family. For now, Pat could use some of the friendship he so often and willingly showed us. You can email Pat at: lugnut50@msn.com. You can also mail cards, letters ... or whatever. You may email me for Pat's mailing address. My email is: pfrumkin1@comcast.net.

I hope to spend a few days with Pat in Idaho or Nebraska (from which he hails) soon. Between this news, my legal work, getting ready for family arriving for the holidays, Audio Intelligent, and trying to make plans to visit Pat, my head is spinning. If you email me and I don't respond, please understand that I am not ignoring you, but rather simply do not have time to reply.

Pat may or may not have time to respond to posts here, to emails, or to cards mailed to him. But he has asked me to convey to each and every one of you that he has cherished your friendship, your comradery, and sharing our common hobby on this great website.

As we prepare for our holiday season celebrations, and look forward to -- as we should -- enjoying this time of year, I ask that you keep Pat and his family in mind ... and softly offer up, in quiet moments in the still of night and early morning, prayers for Pat and his family. God bless.

Warmest regards to all,
Paul Frumkin
hello Pat thought these lyrics from David Gilmour's self titled album were appropriate?
There's no way I'm going to let go
There's no way, because it's my show
I'm hanging on for a little while
I won't go down easy, that's not my style
I'm all tied up, tied up in a knot
And I can't decide just what it is I've got
Did I get out of touch? Did I lose my way?
I've not forgot, no, not a single day
Now you might believe I'm not a happy man
Putting myself apart from the common clan
Well, the boat we're sailing, we have a leak or two
But I know it's sound, like me and you
Great lyrics Mejames!! My memory kicked in this afternoon through a phone call. Some of my words were paraphrased back at me in a gentle way reminding me that the price I'm paying now with some fatigue may provide me with some really good days down the road, relatively speaking. The reality that I may get better is just as possible at this point as getting worse even though getting worse IS going to happen whenever it happens. It's time to just pay my dues and maintain a hopeful outlook. That isn't being in denial. I always knew it was going to get tougher and now isn't any time to cave in to self sympathy that would burn up good moments in waste. When the going gets tough audiophiles need to listen for the phone to ring. Thanks for calling me, my friend.
Hi Pat,

I've always got time for a little DIY project, send it! I'm still screwing around with some solid surface/wood combo plinths. They have certainly been interesting, but still have not improved on the first one. I am doing a cocobolo clamp and motor housing, and still haven't finished the damn rack. But like I said, you need something, you got it. Let me know.

Pat: I'm relieved you're taking the inclusion of the dreaded bit-reading player in stride, knowing how in easier times such devices were banished from your system. Although I wouldn't have been disappointed if you hadn't wanted to sully what you've labored so long to build by installing one even now, I really sent it mainly because I knew how serious you were about being able listen to more Coltrane, which made me glad that I could put together some music for you without worrying that I would be imposing my own predelictions upon a man who might have less good time to listen in than myself. Hopefully, being able to check it out through the big rig will help. But you bring up a good point - the last play the Adcom changer saw was when I used it to set up a little bedroom system for my late father, so we could load it up with with several Mozart and Beethoven disks he could listen to for hours aided by the remote, without unecessarily taxing his energy reserves (depleted from chronic heart failure). I wish you can continue playing all vinyl for as long as possible, but nothing would give me greater satisfaction than if you were able to employ this player in a similarly pleasureable manner anytime the going gets that rough for you. Enjoy!
Pat my friend. Your doing great, I'm happy to here the symptoms are from the drugs and not the cancer. My prayers and far too many thoughts are with you.