About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone

Many of us have come to know Patrick Malone (Lugnut) as a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and kind individual. He is a frequent and enthusiastic contributor to our analog discussion forum. He has initiated only 17 threads, but responded to 559 threads. I would guess that many, if not most, of us can recall a time when Pat replied with helpful advice to a question we posted or helped us track down a rare recording. I have come to love Pat as a friend, and to respect him as a man, and I suspect many of you share those feelings.

Today I write to share difficult news with you. Pat has been diagnosed with an aggressive stomach cancer. It has yet to be determined whether surgery will even be worth it. If surgery is performed, most or all of the stomach will be removed, and Pat would face a difficult and long post-op period in the hospital. The medical course is still uncertain, but will be determined soon. Whatever is decided, it will not be easy or pleasant.

Something may be planned in the future to assist the family. For now, Pat could use some of the friendship he so often and willingly showed us. You can email Pat at: lugnut50@msn.com. You can also mail cards, letters ... or whatever. You may email me for Pat's mailing address. My email is: pfrumkin1@comcast.net.

I hope to spend a few days with Pat in Idaho or Nebraska (from which he hails) soon. Between this news, my legal work, getting ready for family arriving for the holidays, Audio Intelligent, and trying to make plans to visit Pat, my head is spinning. If you email me and I don't respond, please understand that I am not ignoring you, but rather simply do not have time to reply.

Pat may or may not have time to respond to posts here, to emails, or to cards mailed to him. But he has asked me to convey to each and every one of you that he has cherished your friendship, your comradery, and sharing our common hobby on this great website.

As we prepare for our holiday season celebrations, and look forward to -- as we should -- enjoying this time of year, I ask that you keep Pat and his family in mind ... and softly offer up, in quiet moments in the still of night and early morning, prayers for Pat and his family. God bless.

Warmest regards to all,
Paul Frumkin
On Sunday I'll play some Neil Young - live stuff I think - and some blues, 'cause those are things I know Pat liked (I'm already lining 'em up: Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Otis Rush, Champion Jack Dupree, Bill Broonzy, Mississippi Fred McDowell...), as well as the last CD-R I made for him. I grieved yesterday, but today woke up angry knowing I could no longer chat with Pat or read a new post from him anymore. I know you'll have the most beautiful gathering there Barb - that evening I'll raise a glass in Pat's honor and attend in spirit.

You are an amazing person, and we feel blessed to be a part of this thread. God smiled down and brought this thread into our lives many months ago. It has been our good fortune to read your insights as well as those that Pat left for all of us.

Your idea is wonderful. Please know that our household will be spinning music in Pat's honor on Sunday afternoon...probably will start with Cortez the Killer...wish we could travel from Texas and be with you. Also, a letter from two big fans of Pat's will be sent to your grandchildren in your care.

Danlib1 said it so eloquently a few threads ago: "Though the one I love is gone for now, the love is not. LOVE NEVER DIES."


Barb, you and your family remain in our prayers,
Mary and Chuck
Barb,I was feeling pretty low , in an email Pat sent me he said;"Be glad for me when this is over.Realize that ive had a pretty incredible life,did it my way and luckily suffered enough trials along the way to prepare me for this.It doesnt get much better than this"i felt very peaceful after reading this,Pats no longer in pain,ill never forget Pat,He is one of the rare people whos light shined bright enough to warm everyone around him,even over the internet and miles away i could feel his loving and caring nature,his passion and love of life is something that will be with me as long as i live!My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones,i will enjoy a day of music and remember Pat Sunday,Thank you,Ray
I've never posted here before, but that's okay. Pat was a dear and close friend of mine for twenty some years and I'm very touched by all the postings...He was an exceptional friend and one of my closest and dearest buddies. He even took the time this last summer to help me build my first Hi-end audio system and now I'm hooked...thanks Pat. I'll never forget the time he took us to a concert (karla Boniff)and sit us front row,dead center..(sweet spot). I know that's where Pat is now and he's saving me a seat...It's been my good fortune to have know him and to be able to go to thier home on Sunday and spin some albums. Pats latest Neil Young album was Prairie Wind and that's were he is now...you just have to listen......rest in peace old friend