? about oppo

what is all the hype about, are they really that good? and if so , why would anybody buy a thousand dollar player? has anyone used one with powered speakers? if so , which ones? thanks doing research on a small system to do video and music in a 10 by 10 room...
I dont get this thread, or the other one comparing oppo to Mcintosh. Has anyone done an A/B of oppo against companies that make a similarly priced player? For example, Cambridge Audio, NAD, Arcam, YBA design? Mcintosh is up there with Krell, Ayer and Esoteric. Those companies exist because of the CD quality playback alone. I never even heard of this company until I visited this thread. Somebody tell me where I can demo one and do an A/B myself. I have never seen one in a hi-fi store- anywhere. I would never throw away 1k on this company over the others I mentioned. These threads have flavor of the month written all over them. Ponderous!
I prefer my Oppo 83SE to my Arcam-139(non Bluray)and the 139
was one of Arcam's top players.Just sold the Arcam.
I enjoyed the 139 for quite awhile,buutttt upgraditis set in.
Heck it set in again as I went with the Oppo 95.
I keep my 83 SE in my rack for a spare(just in case).
Sounds like Sthomas12321 needs to take some of the money he made from the sale of his Ayre gear and invest in some Q-tips.
Bobrock, did you notice this "flavor of the month" thread was started over 3 years ago? Oppo has garned rave reviews for some time now.
Flavor of the decade maybe... I have one of oppos newest, KILLER! Especially sound and Bluray. Huge waste of money on any other digital, of course I run a DAC, but still under 700 bucks and its better than a 7000.00 boat anchor!