About ready to give up on Roon and my streamer

Last December I started a thread to address the question of whether a true AES/EBU cable would sound better than a standard XLR when connecting my Sonnet Morpheus DAC to a Sonnet Hermes streamer. As the discussion evolved, (and in the end I abandoned both connections in favor of I2S via ethernet cable) I began sharing my trials and tribulations setting up Roon and getting it to work. Though I was finally successful and did get to spend some quality time streaming favorite music through Qobuz on the Roon platform, I've never been entirely happy with the sound. Apart from the headaches of getting everything to connect together every time I turn it on, I've also experienced some bizarre intermittent sound quality issues with Roon that I'm becoming very frustrated with. Sometimes it sounds pretty good, and sometimes it sounds tinny, shrill, and no stereo image. I haven't changed any settings anywhere, but something's clearly not getting processed correctly. At this point I'm tired of fighting with it.

What I'd really like to do is take Roon out of the equation entirely and connect directly to Qobuz through a streamer, but the Sonnet Hermes is designed to be a Roon endpoint and as far as I can tell, nothing more. If there's a way to get it to connect directly to Qobuz, I'd surely like to know about it. 

Meanwhile, I'm happy to take suggestions for a streamer in the $1K to 1.5K range (new or used, happy with either) that can do this. I really don't want anything with a built-in DAC, as I'm really happy with mine, despite some minor shortcomings in its array of input connections. 

Advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I don't know what the Roon issue you are having but mine has been consistently good, but I only use USB.  Next time you have bad Roon experience it may be good to click on the little star symbol to the left of the backwards icon ( |< ) and see what it says about sound quality.

If you have set up any upsampling you may be having some compatibility issues between what Roon is producing and what can be sent via I2S.


Does Sonnet have their own control app or can you use UPNP/DLNA apps like Logitech Media Server?

Magna Mano (configurable with i2s)

miniDSP AHD Studio (all but USB and i2s)

Allo USBridge

Pro-Ject S2 Ultra


The last two are USB out

The trick to buying a streamer is:

1 The OS plays the service you want.

The one with the most options is BlueSound, inferior to choices above and no version available without their DAC.

2   Useable outputs for your DAC.

If USB, a DDC can be inserted to change it.


I remember your posts and you finally getting to into the adjustment details of the software. What dac are you currently using?

There are many options out there for quality streaming but if I were to recommend a dac less streamer it would be a Lumin U2 Mini. If the new cost is a problem check out the used market for one or even the previous model (U1 Mini). 
I’m not a streaming fanatic but I do enjoy streaming more since purchasing the U2 Mini- it sounds really nice paired with my dac.