About to invest in room treatments; GIK, RealTraps, DIY -- what is your experience?

I'm reaching the point soon where I'll invest in some treatments for my two channel listening room. Standmount speakers with tube amps. Room about 28x14ft with low ceilings, 6.5ft. Probably different kinds of treatments are needed. I'm not exactly sure yet what I'll need or how much to spend. This is not my final listening room, but I won't be able to configure another one for a few years.

I've seen many people tout GIK on this forum and I'm already communicating with them a bit. I will also reach out to Real Traps and possibly others. I do not feel bound to go with just one company or solution, so if you've mixed and matched, I'm curious about that, too.

Any recent comparisons between these two, or others? Do you have stories of good or not so good products or service? Any comments about the value of competing products? I'm not super handy or have a lot of free time, but DIY is also considered. 

I have used ASC products in my last room. In my current room I went with Real Traps. I get much better results with the Real Traps. The soundstage is enormous and the depth is just better. Both rooms are similar in shape and size. The Real Traps were definitely a lot more effective. 
@jdal I've heard similar good reports from others about RealTraps. It's going to be a balancing act between predicted efficacy of the kind of unit and cost. I will probably mix and match companies and go with things I can eventually use in other rooms, should I be able to do a new room, down the road.

What specific Real Trap products did you use that performed well in your room?

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I've purchased panels from GIK a few times. Always good products, helpful, and good customer service as well.