About users with hidden agendas

If you know that a user is a dealer and they fail to disclose and attacks other users because they make a point against their interest, do you expose the user?

I know of a gentleman here that continuously posts and goes after people and does not disclose who he is. 

What are the ethics of this forum?


I expect dealers and manufacturers to not only be transparent but to not hawk their products in the forum if they want to advertise then pay for it. 

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My agenda, to get more people to try multi-amping with an active crossover.



I understand MillerCarbon is an agent for Townshend. He needs to be included.

@ PEDOREB    Interesting.  He has been pushing the Townshend Podiums aggressively for some time now. Since he appears to be a highly regarded commenter he practically has me sold and they are on my "to do" list. Can anyone vouch for them?