Absolute must see at CES this year?

What rooms will be on your absolute must see at CES this year?
I will definitely be visiting the Convention Center to pick up a CES flier, handed out by the beautiful young females in white shorts.

This is ONLY for the flyers mind you.......not an attempt to gaze at the young models.

Depending on the literature there offering, I may go by Sony and Panasonic too.
Sean at ESP will be back in full force. I will be the one playing track 7 of Dean Peer s " Its All Good". See you there!
Hey Gunbei

I hear you with the BC pre's as I have a Galatea.

Have a good time...I'm jealous.
Mr. Albertporter, you are a true gentleman! Hahhh!

Devon, that Galatea must be sweet! I'm a happy BC21 owner.