Absolute Sound - do we really need another review like this?

I own the OPPPO 105 player purchased 3 years ago and still very satisfied with it.
There are TONS and TONS of glowing reviews of this unit and apparently oppo is working on a replacement model.

In this current February 2017 issue of Absolute Sound, there is yet another review (a brief one) on this unit.

Kind of long in the tooth and totally futile. Sounds like the following Scenario:

oppo: hi stereophile, look, we are still a few months away from putting out the 105 replacement, could you run something just so that we can keep the flame alive before the new model come out?

 Sorry but that went trough my head reading this review of the still-stellar and reviewed to death Oppo 105.

Cheers all !

At least it was a positive article. In general, I tend to believe the product reviews here on the forum over the mainstream audio press. Everyone has their opinion, good or bad, and I can usually tell if it's a manufacturer or retailer commenting positively about their products. 

I own an Oppo 105D, and my thoughts are similar to the conclusion of the Absolute Sound article. It's a great unit that sounds good and would be difficult to beat at the price.  
  I have not read any of those mags in a while.  I tend to trust reviews that come from everyday audiophiles rather than a magazine review
And if there is a component you are interested in, no matter how old, you can read those reviews online. Along side reviews of this forum, you can get a pretty good feel for a product. Without enduring some reviewer bloat about his $100,000 record player that has spoiled him to the point that he can't give a decent review of anything you could afford, that he could never afford without the subscribers. A lot to be said for real world reviews. 

Thanks! for sharing- soniqmike

No surprise to me, as both TAS & Stereophile, do over lap each other.
I can say this because I have been a life-time subscriber since 1993 on both rags.  Since 2010, I have become a "lifer" for HiFi+  and HiFi News & Record Review mags as well.