Absorption of digital hash

Berkeley uses material to absorb stray digital noise. Anyone know what they use?


Just be aware that proper EMI/RFI interference shielding requires significant engineering knowledge and it is best done by professionals and requires very expensive specialist equipment. I see little point in trying ad-hoc solutions, it is very difficult to achieve a good shield at home. Do you really have a EMI/RFI radiation issue and how does it manifest itself?

@greg_f . In a review of Alpha Reference mention of "material" added to absord radiated digital noise, nothing complicated.

This is the comment from Mr. Harleys' review of the Dac 3. I'd like to know the material.

"When I removed the Alpha 3’s top panel, I noticed a square of material above the digital-to-analog conversion section, just as in the Reference. This ultra-expensive material absorbs and diffuses RF energy. Noise radiated by circuits is absorbed rather than being reflected from the top panel back into the circuit board."